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Some presence of lead has been found in the City of Toronto’s water supply. The city has responded to this by implementing a “Lead Pipe Replacement Program.” 3,000 will be replaced over the coming years. The city of Toronto has already devised a replacement schedule. (Link)

The requirements of the program are as follows:

  • The pipes must be lead or galvanized steel, so basically anything that isn’t copper.
  • The pipes are smaller than the standard size of 19mm.
  • The pipes are broken or leaking.
  • The program also allows for two homes worked on at the same time.

As with anything there are couple of catches. The city will only replace the pipe up to your property line. The pipes on your private property have to be replaced by you. The schedule is meant to encourage home owners to contact professional contractors to do the work at the same time. The city has also obtained a contractor to provide estimates of the price of work. Of course you have the option to use whatever contractor you want.

If your home was built before 1950 there is a good chance that your pipes need to replaced. The city provides an application form (Link) for those who want to check their property quicker or the same form is to be used to prove that the private pipes have been replaced. Proof of work has to be included. Please note that if your property is up for the service, then you will receive an official letter from the city informing you of the work. Please keep in mind that replacing your personal plumbing system is entirely up to you. The city is suggesting the work simply with public safety in mind.


Repair/Replacement of Main Water Line to a House

Our experience with Public Plumbing was terrific. We had a water line leak in the delivery pipe in 100ft distance between city pipe and our house. We had previously hired another contractor who replaced a small section and assured us things would be fine. They were not, and a second leak & flood developed. John to the rescue! He told us we had been swindled and explained why & how he would replace the pipe in its entire length, do minimal damage to the lawn, not disrupt the foundation wall or concrete walkway, and protect our interior finishes. John was very patient and informative. His crew was early, hardworking, courteous and tidy. It was a big job, done in a very prompt, efficient and neat manner. Our experience was very positive, and we would not hesitate to recommend this company.

B. Holland

Water Service Line Replacement

John and his team of workers at Public Plumbing were a pleasure to work with. Let's start with communication: Questions were always answered promptly, work was explained in an understandable manner, and there were no hidden costs. The pricing for the job was extremely reasonable and the work was done in a shorter amount of time than originally anticipated. Best of all, when the job was completed, there was no debris, no mess, and no clean up necessary on my part. The workers did a very clean job and I would happily recommend Public Plumbing to anyone l ooking for a reliable plumber. Honest. Reliable. Professional...What more could we ask for. Thanks guys!

M. Burr